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Sunday, 20 June 2021
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Unpredictable Badge Prices PDF Print E-mail

Given the upredictable prices of Robertsons badges what is the best strategy for realising the best price?
In short nobody really knows but as long as you get a fair and honest price that you are happy with then who cares.  The best policy is to monitor the market and judge the average price per badge.  Remember sometimes a badge may go for double or even treble it's usual price if two Ebayers want to fight it out but then there is also the unxplainable time when auctions go for the maiden bid of 1p and the seller is left licking their wounds.  If you value a badge then use a reserve but remember if you set it high then you may get no bids at all and wind up with just your Ebay fees to pay out.

If your thinking of covering your Ex's by high postage this doesn't work either as these auctions almost never get a bid but you still get charged your insertion fee.

So how do I beat the system?

Easy, contact Golly Gosh.  We will give you a fair price for your Robertsons badges and as we know the going rate we are the best qualified to price up what you have. 

How do I know I will get a fair and honest price?

Again this is easy and straightforward.  We give you the price and you get to judge if you think it fair or not.  If you don't like our price then you don't have to sell them to us which means it is in our interest to pitch a decent price otherwise we know you will take your trade elsewhere.


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