FAQ3 - Jelly Baby Badges
The Jelly baby set was one of the many replacements that came along as Robertson's moved away from the traditional golly badge because puplic opinion was felt to be against golly on racial grounds.

The Jelly Babies were issued by Robertson's along with Trebor Bassett and were produced around 1993. Like the original Golly badges they had to be ordered from Robertson's. but unlike the the Golly badges these were influenced by a Blackcurrent Jam that was produced by Basset which was called, "Bassett's Jelly Babies Baby Bigheart's Blackcurrant Pure Fruit Seedless Jam".

The characters are all named after the Jelly Babies and are

Baby Brilliant (brown and has a B on the chest)
Baby Bigheart (green, with clenched fists up against his chest)
Baby Bubbles (yellow)
Baby Boofuls (green, sitting down, legs apart, crying!)
Baby Bumper (orange)
Baby Bonny (pink/brown, in a crawling position wearing a bonnet)