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Friday, 07 May 2021
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Badge goes for huge price PDF Print E-mail
Very Rare 1937 Coronation vintage golly badge goes for unbelievable price on Ebay.  Just when you think you have seen everything! along comes another bombshell. 

Yes it's true, a golly badge went for £4100, no that's not a misprint.  On the 22 February 2009 Item number: 180328401434 was fiercely fought over by five bidders and the victorious bidder sjge13 won the badge for a staggering £4100.  If anybody knows the lucky winner we would love to speak to them and discover why a badge that has gone for no more than £800 four times in the last two years is suddenly valued at over four grand.  Clearly at least two people thought the badge that valuable otherwise the price wouldn't have rocketed but we still don't know why and wonder whether its down to Ebay hype or if there really was something unusual about this particular badge.

It was in perfect condition but other than that there was no other information to be gleaned from the auction.  Even the pictures of the badge were quite poor and only revealed the badge looked intact.  Hang on to you hat, Item number: 260368298472 has just gone on sale (finishes 4 March) and is already on £1600, the world has gone mad!

It is advertised as only the second one to go on sale (which is rubbish) but even so, its already reached a great price and dosn't look like stopping any time soon.  Wish we had a few of them, they would be on sale next week before the bubble bursts.
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