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Tuesday, 24 November 2020
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Golli gosh wants your badges!

Do you have any Robertson's badges (often referred to as golly badges), the ones that were offered for tokens from Robertson's jam or any of the later roald dahl badges,  are your badges just collecting dust or sat in a draw along with your odds and ends.

Active ImageDid you know that you can sell your badges for cold hard cash today!

Although many think golly dated and he has suffered a bad press over recently years he still has some redeeming qualities, not least you can get rid of yours today for cash!  Yes that's right that little golly badge is worth money.  True not all badges are equal and some are worth more than others but either way the little dudes worth some something in these turbulent financial times.

Whether you have one or one thousand badges we are interested and either way we will give you a quote.  No risk, no minimum bid, no dealing with a faceless account on ebay, no dodgy paypal disputes saying your badges didn't arrive, no hassle.  It's simple, email us a list of what you have, (if you don't know email us a picture) and we will email you back a price! - If you like it we will purchase your badges .

we can then either pick them up and pay cash

or send a payment by cheque or paypal and you send us the badges.

If you don't have email or are not that techie, don't panic, ring the number on the contacts page, leave a message and we will ring you back (landline numbers please)

Don't leave them in the draw getting scratched and deterioating sell them now before they devalue or they become unsaleable due to the PC brigade.  Now may be your last chance to get a reasonable price for your badges, so what are you waiting for ?

Contact Golly Gosh today !

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